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North Cornwall Book Festival 2014

Welcome to the second North Cornwall Book Festival, an ever so slightly eccentric half-term feast of books, writing, and word-related pleasures in two ravishing settings beside the sea. Most of the festival happens at Trefelix, a lovely Arts and Crafts house above the sands of Daymer Bay, where John Betjeman was a regular caller- in for tea. The rest of it happens a short drive away at no less beautiful St Endellion (see map for directions). Reading is an intensely private pleasure which – as the huge number of book clubs prove - it is sometimes enormously rewarding to share. We look forward to meeting you over a cream tea and a tempting pile of books this October, and your loved ones, and, indeed, your book club!
Patrick Gale

Here is the summary programme for this year's festival, running from October 24-26. The full details and lovely photographs and so on will be up here from next week. Booking opens on September 1st.


9.45 - 12.30 Book Surfers - a reading festival for younger teenagers with Matt Haig, Tiffany Murray & Louisa Young (aka Zizou Corder)
1.45 to 4.00 Little Bookworms - a reading festival for 7-9 year olds with Nick Arnold, Sarah McIntyre, Philip Reeve, Louisa Young, Christopher Hill & Moray Laing
4.30-5.30 Prizegiving Readings
7.30 Concert by Trio Sospiroso with readings from festival authors


10.00-5.00 Bibliotherapy sessions with Ella Berthoud
10.00-1.00 Papermaking Workshop with Jonathan Korejko
10.30-11.30 Poetry from Victoria Field & Philip Wells
11.30-12.30 John Betjeman Walk
12.00-1.00 Fiction from Matt Haig & Tiffany Murray
1.00-2.00 Set in Stone - Letter carving demonstration
1.30-2.30 Down To The Sea in Ships with Horatio Clare
1.30-2.30 Meet Jill Murphy
2.00-5.00 The Three Hour Poetry Cure with Victoria Field
3.00-4.00 The Revd. Richard Coles and Nina Stibbe
3.00-4.00 Drawing Workshop for chidren with Caroline Cleave
4.30-5.30 John Crace on Westminster
6.00-7.30 Supper
7.30-9.30 Concert by The Bookshop Band


10.00-1.00 The Three Hour Short Story with Tiffany Murray
10.30-11.30 Textales with Jenny Balfour-Paul
12.00-1.00 Lavinia Greenlaw poetry reading
1.00-2.00 Set in Stone - letter carving demonstration
1.30-2.30 Meet Jill Murphy
1.30-2.30 John Crace & Ella Berthoud - What is Fiction For?
2.00-5.00 Songwriting Workshop with The Bookshop Band
3.00-4.00 Drawing Workshop for children with Caroline Cleave
3.00-4.00 The Big Read: My Dear, I Wanted To Tell You - Louisa Young & Patrick Gale

If you would like to volunteer as a steward, cook or ASM, please e mail trevilley@gmail.com so we can have your details on file. If you booked a seat online with us in 2013 we will still have your contact details to reach you with details of the 2014 festival. If not, you can e-mail your details to ncbf@endelienta.org.uk and ask to be added to the book festival mailing list.


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